Sessions, Priebus Soon to be Fired According to Trump Confidante

It seems like Trump’s growing displeasure for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Reince Priebus, chief of staff, may just lead to their termination in the administration.

One of President Trump’s longtime confidantes told LifeZette, who remained anonymous so he/she could speak freely, said the president is very unhappy about his administration constantly being on defense; believing that Sessions and Preibus are contributing factors to the situation.

In the report, the source says Trump feels it’s ‘time for fresh faces — people who will fight.’

“They’re constantly on defense, and that’s driving Trump’s approval ratings down,” said the source.

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According to LifeZetteThe source, who is not a federal employee and who speaks to Trump regularly, said Trump is a “builder” who has tremendous leverage over lawmakers but, because of bungling by Priebus, cannot get Obamacare repeal or an infrastructure bill through Congress. That could change with a new, more aggressive chief of staff, the source said.

Trump is also unhappy with Sessions for recusing himself from the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation. The investigation, handled by Robert Mueller, will look at whether the Russians hacked into Democratic email accounts and then released that information to WikiLeaks.

Democrats have suggested for months that the Trump campaign or Trump associates might have helped Russia coordinate the release of the hacked information to WikiLeaks. There is no proof of that yet, and as liberal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has pointed out, there is arguably nothing illegal about that scenario — even if there were truth to it.

But special counsel investigations get wide leeway, and Trump is reportedly angry Mueller is considering poking around his finances. Trump could indirectly fire Mueller, if he could convince the investigator’s superior at the Department of Justice to do so.

However, if Trump does fire Mueller it could lead to a political downward spiral for the president; with his agenda on Obamacare repeal and tax reform possibly being damaged.

‘Republican members of Congress might abandon all pretense of loyalty to Trump. And Democrats might gain momentum to start impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives,’ says the LifeZette report.

According to the source, however, Trump is fed up.

“Sessions has done nothing offensively,” said the source.

Trump is closer to making a decision to ask Sessions to resign, because of a new leak about Sessions speaking to the Russian ambassador during last year’s campaign. (The report was based on intercepts caught by U.S. spy agencies monitoring Russian chatter. Sessions was not part of the surveillance.)



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