Sessions Has HARSH Message for ‘Dreamers’ — Will Send Them CRYING Back to Mexico

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down with ABC’s Stephanopoulos to discuss what he does best, getting illegal immigrants OUT of our country.

You could say he is the most adored Trump appointee, by conservatives, at this time in history.

When asked by Hillary’s boy-toy Stephanopoulos if children brought to America illegally (aka Dreamers) would be left alone, Sessions had a direct and no BS answer.

“Everyone that enters the country unlawfully is subject to being deported.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: The president said to the Associated Press that the dreamers should rest easy. He’s not going after the dreamers.

That’s his policy. Is it the policy of the Justice Department?

SESSIONS: Homeland Security has primary jurisdiction there. Their first and strongest priority, no doubt about it, is the criminal element that we have in our country that have come here illegally.

They’re focusing primarily on that. There is no doubt The president has sympathy for young people brought here at early ages.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So they can rest easy?

SESSIONS: Well we’ll see. I believe that everyone that enters the country unlawfully is subject to being deported. However, we’ve got — we don’t have the ability to round up everybody and there is no plans to do that.

But we’re going to focus first as the president has directed us, on the criminal element and we have got to get that under control.


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