Maryland Gun Laws Challenged: Trial date set for case challenging new Maryland gun laws

9_8_2013_guns-20130908-003-08201_s640x426A trial date is set for early next year in a challenge by gun owners, stores and firearms advocacy groups who seek to overturn new Maryland gun laws that went into effect this month.

A four-day trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 10 after the plaintiffs and the state agreed to an expedited schedule, according to recent filings in federal court on one of the cases.

In the Tardy v. O’Malley case, filed in federal court two days before the new rules went into effect on Oct. 1, a contingent of gun rights advocates sought to prevent the implementation of the laws. U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake declined to halt the new laws, which add additional steps to the handgun purchasing process and ban certain types of weapons.

Plaintiff Shawn Tardy, an Army veteran from Harford County, and other individuals in the National Rifle Association-backed lawsuit make the argument they would otherwise be eligible to purchase the “commonly used semiautomatic rifles and shotguns” now banned by the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 and wished to do so in…

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