SET YOURSELF FREE: A Satirical Video Illustrating the Repercussions of Taking it Easy

This video is a poetic, and slightly disturbing, critique of the ideas that are spoon-fed to young adults daily in popular culture across the developed world.

Many music videos, movies, advertisements, etc. targeting teens and twenty-somethings have a common theme: life is short, don’t waste your time working hard, relax, enjoy yourself,  #YOLO.

Everything in this video, from the overly attractive actors to the modern folk music, is exactly as it is presented to us millennials.

The poetic aspect of this satirical video is the result of slacking off for the kids.  The video illustrates, perhaps a bit too graphically, that taking it easy and ignoring the rules can often have disastrous repercussions.

If the goal in your life is always instant gratification, despite all the warning signs put up by your elders, things may just blow up in your face at the end.

And let’s be honest; who isn’t sick of the whole hipster, acoustic guitar, folksy duet routine anyway?


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