‘Settle This Like Men’: Medal of Honor Recipient Challenges ‘King of Instagram’ to a Fight

Yesterday we reported that Dan Bilzerian the ‘King of Instagram’ called Dakota Meyer — Marine Corps combat veteran & Medal of Honor Recipient — a retard for running away from the Vegas shooting.

Video emerged that Bilzerian went back trying to help the police, but the authorities told him to bugger off, essentially.


The back-and-forth has been constant. Now Dakota Meyer is ready for things to get physical.

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American Military News reported: Meyer posted a series of videos to Instagram on Saturday morning calling for Bilzerian to name a time and place for what one would assume will be a physical challenge, to “settle this like men.”

“I’m done with your petty games,” Meyer posted. “Don’t ever drag my family into anything. I’m waiting.”

Meyer says Bilzerian has now gone after his family, and has given his wife’s phone number out for people to harass her. Meyer is married to Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

“So I wake up this morning, and I gotta tell you, Dan – you wanted to get my attention, you got it baby,” Meyer says.

“Look, I’m a coward. Let me help you out. I’m a failure, I’m a loser […] I got it. I’m a coward not because you say so, but because there are people who died that I couldn’t save,” Meyer says.

“Here’s the problem,” he continues. “My purpose in life is family. You wanna bring my family in this, you wanna put my wife out there in danger by putting her phone number out to people, you got your little friends trying to Facetime her…”

“My life is not a game, and it’s not entertainment either,” Meyer says.

“My family is my purpose. And now you’re my mission,” he says.

“This ain’t an option. You just need to tell me when and where. If not, we’ll be together somewhere, I’m sure,” Meyer says.

“What I’m gonna tell you is, I bet you […] put all the cameras you want out there, and I bet you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to talk sh-t about my family in front of my face. I promise you don’t. I promise you don’t have it; I guarantee it,” he adds.

“You train. I train. Why don’t we handle this like men? Why don’t you stop talking sh-t behind a video? Let’s take care of this like men,” Meyer adds. “You got it, Dan? I’m waiting.”

Here @danbilzerian I’m done with your petty games. Don’t ever drag my family into anything. I’m waiting

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