Sex Offenders Only: Small Town in Florida has One Requirement, You Must be a Sex Offender

mvIf you’re house shopping in Florida, its good to know who your neighbors would be. In Miracle Village, they’re required to be sex offenders. Check it out.

Some wear GPS devices that are constantly monitored by police.

Others have fled their homes; repudiated by the local community for being a registered sex offender.

And all of them – from those charged with possessing child pornography to ones caught having sex with a minor and molestation – are there to ‘repent their sins’.

Welcome to Miracle Village, a tiny church town spanning about 20 acres on the edge of Everglades in south Florida, which was established in 2009 as a spiritual safe haven for sex offenders and their families.

With a population of about 200, it is believed to be the largest sex offender community in the United States.

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