Sex Robot Conference Proposes Child Sex Bots to ‘Cure’ Pedophilia

Days before Christmas, London hosted  the Love and Sex Robots Conference where several questions were raised on the issue: Will human/robot children hybrids come of this new found ‘love’? Are we about to see the demise of female humans? Should pedophiles be give child sex dolls?

The conference dived into the pedophilia option head-on with their expert on the matter, Robotics philosopher Marc Behrendt of ULB University in Belgium.

During his lecture at the conference Behrendt said that child sex bots (CSBs) would be an option to treat pedophiles and stop them from attacking real kids.

“A CSB – like any other sex bot – would be an autonomous, animated, articulated machine with advanced AI that is designed to sexually assist the human users. At this stage of robotic tech, we are still not talking about self-aware or conscious machines.”

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According to the philosopher, he claims these CSBs are inevitable and said there will be an urgent need to have an ethical framework around them.

It “might seem immoral, preposterous and creepy… [but] how do we as a society protect children from sexual predators?” Behrendt asked. “Should we incite pedophiles to unlearn and suppress sexual urges as it has [been] until now with limited success? Or should we, in addition to other therapies, try to divert to CSBs and not real children?”

Via RT: Using CSBs to treat pedophiles may be “in the collective interests of society,” he suggested. He said they could be used alongside other therapies, overseen by doctors or an ethics committee.

Levy told RT it is not yet known whether CSBs could stop pedophiles from offending on real children, or actually encourage pedophilia.

“I think until sex robots are available in very large numbers, and there has been a lot of experimentation, we won’t know which side of the coin will come down.”

“A lot of work needs to be done between now and then by lawyers, lawmakers, physiatrists, and those who develop software to use AI for therapeutic means. And eventually it will have to be a gigantic experiment to see what the results are – will the use of child sex dolls in fact wean pedophiles off their predilection, or will it in fact make matters worse? We don’t know,” he added.

Of course a bullet or several could easily solve the issue of pedophiles, instead of all this mumbo-jumbo.

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