SEXIST KAINE: Ignored Moderator Elaine Quijano’s Questions to Attack Trump

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-47-21-amSo, if Hillary is elected president, Kaine will really be the one in charge? Just like Bill, Hillary picked a real winner…not.

Vice presidential debate moderator Elaine Quijano is being accused of bias for cutting off Republican Mike Pence during an attack on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, as Trump’s campaign calls Democrat Tim Kaine ‘sexist’ for ignoring questions presented to him her.

Quijano, who is a New York-based CBS News correspondent and a second-generation Filipino-American, is the first Asian-American journalist to moderate a national debate.

The 42-year-old sat behind the desk Tuesday evening to moderate the debate between Kaine and Pence in Farmville, Virginia.

Quijano criticized Pence for failing to answer questions, as he was unable to speak without interruptions from Kaine during much of the debate.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, also accused Kaine on Twitter of sexism for ‘ignoring’ Quijano’s questions.

Quijano, who is originally from Chicago, seemingly overstepped her role of moderator when she pressed the Indiana governor about whether illegal immigrants would be ‘forcibly removed’ under Trump’s plan as president.

‘Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they forcibly be removed?’ she asked.

In addition, Quijano appeared to support Kaine during his criticism of the billionaire real estate mogul when she answered back to him saying ‘right’ in agreement.

Kaine said: ‘This is important, Elaine. When a guy running for president will not support the troops, not support veterans, not support teachers…’

‘Right,’ Quijano, who attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, responded back to Kaine before he could even finish his remark.

Political commentator David Axelrod took to Twitter (above) and said that Quijano was 'intent' on 'running through her questions, even when significant exchanges' were happening

He also wrote (above): '@TimKaine is interrupting more than @Mike_Pence, which I don't think is serving him well. Scoring more on positives.'

However, Kaine also overran Quijano in the debate and took control by speaking over her and Pence.

She later stopped Pence before his discussion of the Clinton Foundation was over despite Kaine having plenty of time to defend the charity and attack the Trump Foundation.

Political commentator David Axelrod took to Twitter and said that Quijano was ‘intent’ on ‘running through her questions, even when significant exchanges’ were happening.

In addition, Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, accused Kaine on Twitter (above) of sexism for 'ignoring' Quijano's questions 


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