Shaneen Allen: Victim of a Gun Grabbing Prosecutor


Shaneen Allen is a single mother, who carried a gun for the protection of her and her kids’ lives. Ray Rice is a NFL athlete who knocked out his wife with a punch, in a public elevator. You tell me which one deserves the prison sentence.

NFL star Ray Rice’s punishment outraged many. Instead of standing trial for allegedly assaulting his then-fiancee, Rice entered a counseling program.

For all the unfairness and hypocrisy that Rice supporters blame on the league, it’s the legal system that touches many more people, specifically diversion programs like the one of which he took advantage.

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The Rice altercation and the arrest of Shaneen Allen took place in the same jurisdiction with the same prosecutor but may have very different outcomes.

Allen was driving in New Jersey when she was stopped by police for a simple traffic violation. In the car with her was her new handgun.

“When I went into my purse to give my license and registration, I also gave him my license to carry with it,” she said. “That’s when I told him, I have my firearm on me.”

Trouble is, Allen’s license to carry was for her home state of Pennsylvania, just across state lines from where she was pulled over in New Jersey.

She said she had no idea it didn’t transfer from state to state. She had just bought the gun a week earlier after being mugged.

Still, the single mother of two was handcuffed and arrested on the spot, charged with both illegal possession of a firearm and possession of hollow-point ammunition. Allen’s now facing more than 11 years in prison.

She said she is very worried about the prospect of prison.

“I have to worry about where my kids are going go, what’s going to happen to them,” she said.

The man looking to put Allen in prison is Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain, the very same man who chose not to prosecute Rice. He was charged in the same county with aggravated assault.

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