Sharia Law Justice: Woman Gang-Raped for Affair Also Sentenced to be Whipped

INDONESIA-ISLAM-LAW-ACEHAn Indonesian widow who was gang-raped by eight ‘vigilantes’ as punishment for having an affair with a married man, is now to suffer the further indignity of being caned in public.

The rapists caught the couple together when they barged into her house in the northern Indonesian province of Banda Aceh and accused her of having ‘improper sexual relations’ with the 40-year-old man.

The 25-year-old woman’s companion was tied up and beaten, while she was raped repeatedly. Then the two of them were doused with buckets of sewage.

It was only after the terrified woman was dragged to a police station by her attackers and reported for breaking strict Sharia laws against extra-marital sex then it was learned she had been raped.

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Three of the vigilantes were immediately detained and charged with rape as their companions fled – but that did not prevent police deciding to punish the woman with a caning for breaking religious laws.

‘The woman and the man will both be caned because they have violated a religious bylaw on sexual relations,’ Mr Ibrahim Latif, head of the Shariah office in the eastern town of Langsa, told the Jakarta Globe.

He said the fact that the woman had been raped would not be taken into consideration in determining the punishment for the religious crime she had allegedly committed.

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