SHARIA LAW OR AMERICAN: Watch What ‘Moderate’ American Muslims say About Sharia Law

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This video will make you wonder, is there any such thing as a ‘moderate’ muslim?

The media continually repeats the narrative: Muslims are moderates. Anyone who criticizes Muslims are extremists.

But when reporters actually speak with so-called “moderate” Muslims, a very different reality is exposed.

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Correspondent Ami Horowitz did exactly that last week, visiting Muslims in the Cedar Riverside section of Minneapolis.

Muslims there are generally comfortable. Many have jobs or businesses, and those who are refugees are well cared for by the government, with free food, housing, schools and healthcare.

Not the type one would expect to harbor radical views.

But that’s not what Horowitz found when he interviewed them.

The conversations started out normally at first, with answers to the simple question, “Is it easy to be Muslim in America?” being met with an emphatic, “Yes.”

With all of the controversy in the media about how badly Muslims are treated in this country, hearing a yes to that question was surprising.

But it didn’t compare with what Horowitz began hearing shortly thereafter.

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