Sharia Loving Ladies for Hillary Clinton–Muslim Women Jump In Line To Vote

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-27-36-amThis isn’t surprising. What is said about Hillary is a little surprising, though. These women want someone who will uphold their values but there are a lot of things Hillary supports that go against the Muslim faith.

First Ever American Muslim Women PAC Announce Endorsement for Hillary Clinton, Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Washington, D.C., October 11, 2016 – The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee (AMW PAC), the first ever political action committee focused specifically on American Muslim women, today announced its endorsement for Hillary Clinton for President.

“Our primary goal is to elect leaders and support policies that represent our values,” said Mirriam Seddiq, a Maryland Immigration and Criminal Defense attorney and creator of the PAC. “In the simplest terms, we believe in basic human rights and the right of each individual to live their lives as they choose. Hillary Clinton is a candidate that not only understands those values, but has spent her life dedicated to them in her public service.”

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The mission of the new PAC is to provide American Muslim women a platform from which to speak out in support of political candidates and policies that impact their community. Its formation of the PAC comes on the heels of an uptick in anti-Islamic rhetoric and speculation around the role of women in the Islamic community, triggered in part by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments on Ghazala Khan’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention.
“After hearing Donald Trump demonize Muslims, and imply things about our women and culture, I realized we need to take more ownership of the political conversation happening in this country,” said Seddiq. “For years we’ve been letting other people tell us what our problems are. This PAC provides a platform for us to talk about our problems, our needs and who we want to help us address them.”


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