Sharpton Absolves Jeantel On N-Word: ‘Just The Way Some Of Y’all Talk’

Zimmermann prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel continued her media blitz Wednesday (no truth to the rumors she’ll be replacing Whoopi on ‘The View’) by appearing on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC program.

It was hardly a hard-hitting interview with Sharpton focusing on the “cultural disconnect” that he believes contributed to much of the criticism of Jeantel’s performance on the stand last month.

Sharpton noted that part of the “disconnect” centered around Jeantel’s use of “ni**a” and “cracka'” but the self-proclaimed civil rights activist gave the nineteen-year-old a pass for using the racially volatile language:

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“You know, I’ve always been against young folks, including my daughters, using the ‘n- word’ and ‘cracka,’ although I used it…



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