SHOCK ALERT: Kindergarten Killer Videogame

Wayne LaPierre referenced in his speech today, as he addressed the Connecticut school shootings, that there was a video game out there titled “Kindergarten Killer”.  Curious, I went looking for it and it turns out it does exist.  And it’s free!

Here is the description of the game:

“As a hitman for hire, you were recently given orders to take out the headmaster of a kindergarten school. Your job is to not ask questions, so you carry on with the job and head to the school. One thing leads to the next and you accidentally kill a teacher. The kids saw it and they get riled up. The children rise up in arms and open fire at you at every chance they get. But despite everything that happened, your target still roams alive so you head back to the office and kill your target before heading back to the office. Enjoy a crazy shootout in Kindergarten Killer.”

Who is the messed up soul that created this game? Honestly, our society has dropped to new lows.  I wouldn’t be surprised if jack-wagon Lanza played this game often and took notes.

Ladies and gents, we as a society need to wake up and pay attention.  If your child, friend, or spouse is playing violent video games that are titled “Kindergarten Killer” it’s time you intervened. Take that person out to lunch, for a hike, fishing… anything that will get them away from the computer and tv, from that digitized world of killing and bring them back to reality.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it’s going to take a nation to prevent the next school massacre.



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