SHOCKING ABSENCE: Of Gun-Control Propaganda During the Final SOTU

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.18.40 AMThat’s not like Obama to do that. Maybe he was so focused on his hate for the presidential hopefuls he forgot to mention them.

President Barack Obama has spent a considerable amount of his second term in office whining, threatening, and bitterly criticizing the American people and their dogged insistence on keeping and practicing their right to bear arms.

Just last week he held two major press conferences—including a CNN “Guns In America” special—in an attempt to build support for his anti-gun agenda.

So it was rather stunning that in his final State of the Union address, the President mentioned firearms once, and only in passing, a fact that Democrat-cheerleading site Politico even felt compelled to comment upon.

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President Barack Obama devoted all of last week to his push for gun control. In his final State of the Union address, he gave it one sentence fragment.

“Protecting our kids from gun violence,” Obama said, as he ticked off a handful of agenda items he wants to work on in his last year in office, without going into more detail.

That was a sharp contrast to the first work week of January, when virtually every day, the president found a new way to promote his relatively modest executive actions to expand background checks for gun sales and his pledge not to endorse Democrats who don’t support his gun agenda.

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