SHOCKING: Boy Testifies about Being Starved and Locked in Closet by his Father’s Girlfriend

A 14-year-old boy has described being starved nearly to death and locked in both a closet and a bathroom for days on end by his father and his father’s girlfriend.

Looking far healthier than he did when he was rescued two years ago weighing just 40 pounds, the boy testified at Sharon Glass’ child abuse trial Wednesday, softly recounting his time with the woman, who he first met in 2009 when he was in the third grade and she was dating his dad, Michael Marshall.

Giving short answers to the prosecutor’s questions, he said Glass quickly moved into their home in Titusville, Florida and he began to call her ‘mom.’ But he soon started getting in trouble, beginning with the time Glass accused him of stealing an iPod, he told the court.

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According to, he testified he didn’t take the gadget, but was later accused of stealing other things, and was severely punished for taking fruit off a tree and hiding food.

‘I was constantly locked up,’ the boy, who hasn’t been identified, said.

He said he would escape when he was put in his room, leading Glass to threaten to leave Marshall if he didn’t lock the boy up.

So the father did. The boy, without shedding a tear or changing his tone of voice, told the court they put him in a closet and secured the door with a bungee cord and a desk. He even bravely illustrated with a laser pointer how they wrapped a cord around the knobs of the sliding closet doors to keep him inside.

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