SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Reveals Moment Yacht Team Discovered Mummified Sailor

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.43.09 AMCouldn’t begin to imagine what was going through the teams’ head when they found this horrifying scene. Watch the shocking footage below.

This is the moment a horrified sailor made the grim discovery of a mummified adventurer on board a yacht drifting off the coast of the Philippines.

A crew member on board a round-the-world yacht jumped in to the ocean and swam out to the vessel after his team spotted it drifting without a mast in the Pacific west of Guam.

At first, after boarding the yacht, he reported that nobody was on board. But seconds later, as he started to examine the interior, he shouted out after discovering the body of German mariner Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59.

The LMAX Exchange team, competing in the Clipper 2015-16 Round The World Yacht Race, found his boat, Sayo, on January 31 during a crossing from Airlie Beach, Australia, to Da Nang – Vietnam.

Eeries footage shows the vessel drifting without a mast before a crew member leaps into the sea and makes his way over to investigate.

After liaising with the US Coast Guard in Guam, the team was instructed to carry on racing as it could provide no further assistance and USCG Guam took over the investigation.

Clipper Race Director Justin Taylor also notified the German Embassy in London, who informed the German Police and Coast Guard. They were then able to trace the sailor’s next of kin via the boat registration details provided by the team.

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