Shoot Like A Girl: Burglar Shot in Chest as He Charged his ‘Prey’

woman_pointing_gunEditor’s Note: Goldsboro woman shoots burglar in the chest. This is why you need to learn how to defend yourself.

A 28-year-old Goldsboro, NC woman heard something early yesterday morning and looked out her window. When she saw the lock had been cut off her storage building, she asked her roommate to call 911, then picked up a gun and went outside to see if anything had been stolen.

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Deputies said 28-year-old Paige Ham heard a noise at the back of her home and saw a lock was missing from a storage building out in the backyard.

Ham had a roommate call 911 and went out with a gun to see if anything was stolen.

That’s when 28-year-old Christopher Todd Brogden allegedly rushed out of the building towards her.

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Ham fired her gun, hitting Brogden. He was last reported in stable condition at Vidant Hospital in Greenville.

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