Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera

I had the privilege to meet Stacey Pearsall a couple years ago during a Purple Heart hunt in Texas.  There I learned about her incredible journey as a soldier, war photographer and wife.  With an incredible talent for taking pictures her work has been published in Time, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today, and PBS’ “Operation Home Coming.”  Recently, she has published a book titled Shooter, which documents her service overseas.  Her words and photos really resonate with the reader.  Such an incredible story and a true hero, I am so very lucky to have met her.  Here is some of the literature about the book:

“A soldier’s job is to engage the enemy; Stacy Pearsall’s job is to document the action. As a combat photographer, she carries a gun, but her real weapon is her camera. Shooter is Pearsall’s unflinching account of her life behind enemy lines as told through photographs and essays that reveal the realities of war.

Pearsall was situated just north of Baghdad in the Diyala Province, a place known as Deadly Diyala, where the Battle for Baqubah ensued. She encountered close-quarter combat, recovered the body of a mortally wounded soldier, and captured soldiers’ final moments with her camera, enduring all the hardships of war with the soldiers.

In this photographic book, Pearsall sheds light on what life during war is really like—both in the middle of the action and at rest. Detailed intimate essays about her relationships with soldiers, death, and combat accompany her striking photographs. She shares her poignant memories of the most dramatic and compelling moments in battle with brutal honesty through colorful stories and images.”

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