Shooting Tragedy in Kentucky Offers Vital Lessons, Warnings

tragedyThis past Tuesday, a five-year-old boy accidentally shot his two-year-old sister to death with a rifle in Cumberland County, Kentucky (in Kentucky, we say counties just as much as we would say cities or towns when asking where someone is from; FYI: there are 120 counties in Kentucky). The rifle, known as a Crickett Rifle, was specifically made for kids, and was given to the boy as a gift.

While this incident is tragic, it should also be a reminder of what happens when someone does not demonstrate firearm safety and responsibility. This tragedy would have been prevented if the parents did the following:

1. Emphasize the importance of firearm safety and responsibility to their son.

2. Know whether or not the rifle was loaded (it should be noted that in this case no one in the family knew the rifle had one cartridge left in it).

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3. Supervise the child when he had the rifle (the mother just happened to step away for a moment prior to the tragedy- it is unclear where the father was at the time) in order to make sure he knew how to handle it properly and safely.

Of course, with the mainstream liberal media, these factors will not be considered. Instead, people will say that the kid was too young to own a rifle, or they might even ask why the family had…



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