Should Distrust Of Government Be A Phenomenon Exclusive To Gun Owners?

trust fall“The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.” — Samuel Butler

In the current political climate surrounding the hot topic of gun control, there has been much attention focused on the subject of “gun owner paranoia.” One mainstream news agency after another has decried the lack of progress regarding the gun control bills currently stagnating in Congress due to gun owners’ supposed fears regarding gun bans and firearms confiscation.

However, despite the government assurances that gun confiscation is off the table, a sentiment that is being echoed by voices within the mainstream press, the reality is that guns have already been confiscated within U.S. borders in the past and this practice continues to affect law-abiding gun owners to this day.

Beyond confirming gun owners’ fears regarding the issue of firearms confiscation, the mainstream media has alluded that the government’s proposal to ban so-called “assault weapons” is, fair, equitable, and as far as the newly proposed gun control legislation will go. Other types of firearms would supposedly be left alone. However, despite the reassuring rhetoric, there are elements currently working within the government who not only want to ban so-called “assault weapons”, but who also want to include handgun bans in future gun control measures as well.

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So, the law-abiding gun owner’s distrust of government intentions regarding gun control has a…



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