Simple Act of Kindness: Firefighters Leave Groceries Behind to Answer an Emergency Call, What They Discover when They Go Back will Surprise You

Vacaville firefighters are humbled and grateful after being honored by a total stranger’s random act of generosity.

At a time when most people were honoring veterans, it was an Air Force veteran’s wife who honored those firefighters with a simple, random act of generosity that’s now touching hearts across the country.

The inspiring story behind the receipt started simply enough with Vacaville firefighters getting groceries at Costco on Memorial Day weekend.

“They got up to the register to pay, got an emergency call,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Ryder.

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The firefighters, wearing camouflage T-shirts to honor the military, responded, leaving their cart inside the store. When they came back later, they found someone paid for the groceries.

On the receipt was a heartfelt note: “Thank you firefighters for all you do — have a good weekend,” signed by an Air Force wife.

She didn’t leave her name, but her selfless act of kindness leaves a lasting impression on firefighters and many others hearing the story.

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