Singer ‘Lorde’ Slammed in Washington Post Ad as a Bigot for Canceling Tel Aviv Show

The Washington Post’s December 31 edition is causing quite the controversy over a full page advertisement on it’s fifth page.

The advert accuses New Zealand and the Kiwi musician Lorde for being bigoted and holding prejudice against Israel.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s organization This World: The Values Network paid for the advertisement and it criticizes the young singer for aligning with the ‘global anti-semitic boycott of Israel’.

Via the Daily MailThe ad features a large photo of the singer superimposed over a picture of men running through rubble cradling babies with the headline ‘Lorde and New Zealand ignore Syria to attack Israel.’

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The Grammy winner cancelled a Tel Aviv concert, originally scheduled for June, following criticism from activists in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

The decision also came after two of her New Zealand-based fans wrote an open letter that argued holding a concert in the country would show support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

The ad states her decision proved a ‘growing prejudice against the Jewish State’ in the Kiwi nation that was ‘trickling down to its youth.’

It cites New Zealand’s choice in December to vote – along with 127 countries – in favour of a United Nations resolution that called for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

It also criticises New Zealand’s co-sponsorship of a UN resolution which condemned continued Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory and caused a six-month diplomatic rift with Israel.

‘While Lorde claims to be concerned with human rights, she hypocritically chose to proceed with her two concerts in Putin’s Russia, despite his support for [Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s genocidal regime,’ the ad reads.

‘Let’s boycott the boycotters and tell Lorde and her fellow bigots that Jew-hatred has no place in the twenty-first century.’

New Zealand’s Jewish organizations have also criticized the singer, including the Jewish Council of New Zealand and The Zionist Federation of New Zealand; however, Israel’s ambassador to New Zealand, Itzhak Gerberg, has extended an olive branch to Lorde and invited her to meet with him in person.

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