SIX INCH MISTAKE: This Man’s Penis Tattoo RUINED His Marriage

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.14.45 AMA ‘practical’ joke that took a very wrong turn.

A man previously dubbed the ‘world’s most annoying husband’ has been kicked out by his long-suffering wife after he tattooed a gigantic penis on his own leg.

Stuart Valentino, 34, inked the six-and-a-half inch phallus on his left thigh – so the end pokes out of his boxer shorts.

But the questionable tattoo is the latest in a long series of pranks that wife Samantha has endured – and she has now given him the boot from their family home in Southsea.

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The father-of-four said: ‘My wife hates it. In retrospect, I’m not surprised, it really is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

‘After I did it, my wife woke up in the morning screaming, because there was this massive penis poking out of the duvet. And the tattoo on my leg.‘It caused no end of rows and she’s now kicked me out of home. I deserve it, I suppose.’

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