Slap in the Face: IL Senator Delivers Low Blow to Violence Victim

msSt. Louis Gun Rights Examiner first mentioned Mary Shepard more than two years ago, as her court testimony helped pave the way for Illinois’ eventual repeal of its state-mandated defenselessness policies.

In 2009, Ms. Shepard and an elderly female co-worker were working at the First Baptist Church, in Anna, Illinois, when a huge, recently paroled felon attempted to burglarize the church, and finding the two women there, savagely beat them and left them for dead.

Ms. Shepard, licensed to carry a defensive firearm in 31 other states, but not the one in which she lives and pays taxes, was thus left with no effective defense against the hulking Willis Bates. That denial of her right to self-defense very nearly cost her and her co-worker their lives.

With the inexcusable wrong of Illinois’ self-defense ban now righted (well, nine months from now, really, thanks to the Illinois State Police and a federal judge), Ms. Shepard will no longer be compelled by law to be the next Willis Bates’ victim.

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Illinois State Senator Dan Kotowski (D- Park Ridge) finds that intolerable.

Illinois lawmakers who last month beat a court-imposed deadline to allow concealed weapons in public left out something a suburban Chicago legislator now wants to change: A ban on firearms in places of worship.



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