SMOKED AT THE SMOKE BOX: Manager of ‘Smoke Box’ Confronts Burglars and Starts Shooting

Burglary suspects came face to face with a businessman who was not going to become a victim. A deputy constable and a store owner both fired their guns at the two suspects who tried to break in to a northeast Harris County store.

The suspected burglars are now behind bars. They made a brief attempt to run away even after being hit by a bullet.

Deputies say two men were trying to break in to the Smoke Box in the 700 block of Normandy. They didn’t realize the shop’s manager was still inside, and as it turned out, that man had a gun.

Sheriff’s deputies got the call a little after 11pm Wednesday — reports of a business owner who had shot a suspected burglar.

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Sgt. John Hernandez with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office explained, “It appears the two suspects, possibly three were trying to burglarize the place thinking it was empty. The business was closed but it was not empty.”

The smoke shop’s manager was still inside, and deputies say he got a gun and confronted the suspects, eventually firing in their direction.

“One of the suspects was shot in the head,” said Sgt. Hernandez. “He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital.”

Deputies say both suspects tried to run, but were cornered by Precinct 3 deputy constables. A Precinct 3 deputy said one of the suspects pointed a gun at him, and so he fired three shots, but no one was hit.

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