Snarky NBC Tweets Out Ridiculous Comment During London Terror Attack

It wasn’t too long after the events in London started to unfold that Trump retweeted this headline from the Drudge Report.

This happened at 6:10 p.m. EDT, very early into the ordeal.

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Despite the headline being early to the party, the tell-tale signs of a terror attack were there. People being mowed down with a car, a stabbing rampage, eye witnesses claiming they heard the men praising Allah.

All the signs.

Yet, NBC news decided to tweet this:

But, around midnight London time, and a little more than an hour after Trump’s retweet, the British PM Theresa May weighed in on the attack.

And guess who was the first on the virtual scene…

Yep, big surprise right?

NBC would rather go with what a foreign leader says rather than their own president.

When Trump says terror, NBC says “ignore him”.

Unbiased? No, they can’t claim that. Feed your lies to someone else.

h/t The Daily Wire


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