Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.36.03 AMAccording to reports, about 50 bomb disposal experts were on scene during a police raid in Brussels. What authorities found was quite shocking.

Belgian police, who arrested six terrorist suspects Friday, descended on a building in central Brussels on Saturday with snipers and bomb disposal units, according to media reports.

Residents of the building in the Etterbeekdistrict were evacuated as police and forensics experts spent several hours searching the building, Reuters reports.

At least 50 bomb disposal experts were also on the scene, according to the Belgian broadcaster RTBF.

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Belgian broadcaster VRT reported Saturday that the sixth suspect rounded up in a day of sweeping arrests Friday was Bilal El Makhoukhi. The suspect was convicted last year in a trial in Antwerp for involvement in the radical group Sharia4Belgium but was serving his sentence at home while outfitted with an electronic surveillance tag.

El Makhoukhi went to Syria in 2012 but returned to Belgium after losing his leg while fighting with Islamic extremists, according to VRT. He was arrested Friday in Brussels’ Laken district, but it is unclear whether he was suspected of involvement in the March 22 terror attacks that killed 32 people at Brussels Airport and a metro station.


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