SNOWBALL EFFECT: Mother Punishes Daughter For Cyberbullying By Cyberbullying Her

bully15n-3-web1BY ROBERT GORDON

Bullying is something all parents fear their children getting involved in, and while being bullied is terrible, finding out your child is the bully could be even worse.

A North Carolina woman discovered her daughter was using social media to bully her peers online, and decided to take drastic action to punish her.

Cara Schneider made her daughter Hailey hold up a sign for a photo she later spread on social media.

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“I make poor choices with social media,” read the sign.

“As punishment, I am selling my iPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying, because bullying is wrong.”

The photo, posted to Facebook, was picked up by the good folks over at Reddit, where people had different opinions on Schneider shaming her daughter, as Redditors usually do on most topics.

“Humiliating your child to teach her not to humiliate other children? Gee, I wonder ...

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