Snowflake Alert! University Now Has ‘Emotional Risk’ Assessment For Student Events

If you thought American college students couldn’t be more coddled by the university system…well, are you really surprised that you’re wrong?

The University of Florida is now asking for student organizations who wish to hold a campus event to put the “emotional risk” factors of said event on their application.

These “risk factors” include “sensitive subject matter,” “reaction of participants,” and “potential controversy”.

Young America’s Foundation was kind enough to have a screen shot of that part of the application:

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University of Florida's "Risk Assesment."

The answers the students put for the question are used by the UF’s office of Student Activities and Involvement in order to determine the staffing needs for events. (They want to know how many puppies they have to bring in.)

The University of Florida’s website states:

“The P.R.E.P.S. Event Staffing Protocol is a tool used by Student Activities and Involvement (SAI) to determine staffing needs for student organizations based on the type of event as well as any potential risk associated. Each event type and risk factor are given a point value and tallied to identify if the event will need an SAI staff presence. In the event SAI staff is needed, a note will be put in the notes section on the event permit.”

The University of Florida claims its mission is to be a “comprehensive learning institution” that enables students “to lead and influence the next generation and beyond.”

But this new policy does anything but help students to “lead and influence”.

And allowing new ideas (possibly on the more conservative side) to be spoken on campus? Ideas that may change the way students think? Allowing them to make their own decisions on issues?

That’s absurd! Who would allow such a thing…


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