Snowflakes Can’t Find Mates So They Are Turning To SOLOGAMY. Yes, It’s As Pathetic As It Sounds…

What is the best way to be the most independent version of yourself? According to leftist snowflakes who can’t find dates because their intolerable, it’s to marry yourself!

Apparently, people are now marrying themselves.

Well, more specifically, sad, bitter feminists with a millennial-like flare for narcissism are marrying themselves after sticking it to The Patriarchy by choosing to put their careers ahead of their personal lives.

In the new, sad trend called “sologamy,” women are committing themselves to themselves with their own wedding ceremony.

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These women, such as self-styled “sologamist” Erika Anderson, throw on a white gown, invite their close friends and family and marry themselves in a legally nonbinding way.

The Daily Wire

How far gone do you have to be to reach this point?

In an interview, Anderson, 37, said, “I would describe it as women saying yes to themselves. It means that we are enough, even if we are not partnered with someone else.”

“You’re worth it!” she added.

I know I’m worth respect and love (all those things you find in a relationship) but I don’t need to marry myself to prove that!

Anderson “tied the knot” with herself in New York City and advocates for the self-marriage lifestyle.

She said she was tired of people asking her why she was still single so, to combat it, she invited her family and friends to her marriage to herself.

And we are sad to say, this trend has spread across the U.S. and has even gone international.

A site looking to make a few bucks on sad feminists called offers a kit to assist you in planning your own wedding ceremony, “self-wedding” rings and daily self-affirmation cards.

“A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony–about reconnecting and staying connected with you. Wear the ring to remind you every day to LOVE YOURSELF,” says the site.

Promoting their daily affirmation cards, the site reads: “Did you know that micro-moments of positivity add up, creating an upward spiral? Positive mental states can also be enhanced by affirmations and even reshape us over time. A daily practice can help you focus on the good and give you resources when life is tough.”

The higher-end “I Married Me Self-Wedding In-A-Box” kits cost $230.

Liberals might hate capitalism but they are sure to jump on the band wagon to make a quick buck.

Canada, you weren’t left out of the trend. A company called called “Marry Yourself Vancouver” offers photography and consulting for the happy…person.

And it doesn’t stop there. Just like a normal marriage, the person celebrates their anniversaries! Anderson reportedly took a trip to Mexico to celebrate the one year anniversary of being married to herself.

Anderson did say that, even though she is married to herself, she is dating and open to marrying someone else.

That must be one hell of an awkward date.

Date: ‘So, have you been married before?’

Self-married feminist: ‘Why yes, I’m married right now actually. To myself.’

Date: ‘What do you mean?’

Self-married feminist: ‘I married myself. It was an empowering experience.’

Date: ‘…..Waiter, check please!’

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