So Much for the Bill of Rights: California Gun Control Bill Would Give Courts the Right to Seize Firearms and Other ‘Deadly Weapons’ From Law-Abiding Citizens

Burning_ConstitutionWhile the focus of California Assembly Bill 1014 is firearms, the reality is that if this bill passes, even simply purchasing a knife would potentially give sufficient cause to allow the state to seize a knife owner’s firearms.

If they can do that, it’s not much of a jump to seizing your knives using the same sort of law.

Assembly Bill 1014 really is a nightmare waiting to happen. Under the bill, a court could issue a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” — and then a “Firearms Seizure Warrant” — based on mere hearsay allegations and lay, non-expert opinion from someone that doesn’t even have to know you (or even live in California).

That’s not hyperbole. If AB 1014 passes, “(a)ny person may submit an application to the court” to take away someone’s guns — and probably their knives — without notice or even a chance to defend him or herself in court. The first they may know is when the SWAT team bursts through the front door. Does anyone think that the anti-weapons courts in California won’t jump at the opportunity on the slimmest of so-called “evidence?”

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