Social Change: Brought To You By One Tax At-A-Time

beast-image-2When did we, as a nation, decide to start using taxes as a way to create the social change that is desired by the ruling class?

When taxes were increased over and over on cigarettes the intent was (supposedly) to decrease smoking for health reasons. Just look at what the website for Tobacco Free Kids says:


“Governments can raise even more revenue — and reduce all tobacco use — by increasing taxes on other tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco and cigars, to parallel the rate on cigarettes. This discourages all tobacco use.”

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But I’m a little confused. How can they “raise even more revenue” if they have truly discouraged ALL tobacco use? Would there then be NO revenue? They can’t tout the wonderful benefits of raising money from tobacco and all the programs it would fund, while at the same time admitting they are taxing themselves out of the revenue. (Just to be clear, I have never smoked, but I really hate the way the topic is used to shame, control, and manipulate people, the same tactics now being used against gun owners.)

If gun-haters have their way, wouldn’t the same thing happen with the taxes on guns and ammo? They’ll preach how wonderful it will be to raise millions of dollars to treat mental health issues, while they are really hoping to eliminate guns and ammo. What could the result be? Mentally ill people would still exist AND there wouldn’t be any more taxes to pay for treatment for them. Then what? People who love to blame inanimate objects rather than expect personal responsibility will always need another “object” to blame. Maybe the next target would be violent video games and movies. Maybe they’ll pass a few lovely laws charging 50% tax, first on making them then once more on viewing them, to provide mental health services for people influenced to violence by watching them. That way they’re not “denying” Hollywood their first amendment rights, just “saving the children.”

I don’t even need to see their faces. In my mind I can see the politicians and gun-haters smirking as they say, “We’re not taking away your guns,” as they pass all their little gun-control laws. For instance, take the high taxes on ammunition and guns, taxes so high that if they were interest rates, they would be considered loan sharking and declared illegal. Taxes where the money is supposed to go to help people with mental health issues and to pay for the medical care of people who are shot (gosh, under Obamacare, everyone is covered for everything, so why is extra money only needed to care for gunshot victims?) Most likely they are shot by people who already possess the gun illegally. So since when did it become my responsibility as a legal gun owner, to pay for the crimes of criminals?

If that’s the criteria, then we should really put a 50% tax on medications in order to pay for all the crimes committed by criminals who are stealing prescription drugs. How is that any different? Shouldn’t those “evil senior citizens” have to pay outrageous prices for their meds since they are the ones who are using them the most and not keeping them “safe” from being stolen? They probably don’t really “need” all those medicines, anyway, they just want them. Shouldn’t they be responsible for the crimes young drug addicts are doing? It’s only fair, right?

Bottom line. There are people who hope laws such as ridiculous taxes and fees will make it difficult for gun owners to own and use guns. But the politicians – they’re just looking for ways to get more of OUR money so they can continue to spend more of OUR money on their pet social causes. They know these stupid laws really won’t help anything, but hey, they look good to their constituents who are too lazy to find out the whole truth of the issue. And that is all they really care about, not saving the children.


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