Socialism: Venezuelans Forced to Eat Dogs Because of Lack of Food, While President Sends $5MIL to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Venezuela has been facing a food crisis for quite a long time now, forcing people to commit acts they never thought they would stoop to.

Opposition party leaders have claimed some citizens have had to butcher their pets for meat.

Several photos were released this weekend — which we will not publish, but you may find at link to story below — of two men in Caracas skinning and cutting up a dog in the street.

The suffering has gone on for several years, and has only worsened in the wake of recent constitutional assembly elections. According to reports two-thirds of families cannot afford to but meat, eggs or margarine.

The images of the men butchering the dog ‘have been put out by opposition party Vente Venezuela as President Nicholas Maduro offered financial assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the U.S. to the tune of $5million (£3.84million),’ reports the Daily Mail.

‘While the dictatorship gives away $5 million to the United States and others are considering governorships, Venezuelans are eating dogs,’ party representative Javier Chirinos tweeted.

The chaotic collapse of the country’s socialist economic model has created chronic food shortages that have fuelled malnutrition and left millions seeking food anywhere they can find it, including bins or on the street.

In April this year, 11.4 per cent of of children in vulnerable areas of Venezuela were experiencing acute malnutrition, according to the Washington Post.

A third of families said they were resorting to emergency strategies such as eating from bins, having their children beg for food or selling essential items in their home.

As of June, 62 per cent of families could not afford eggs, 66 per cent could not afford meat and just 34 per cent had the money to even buy margarine or cooking oil, the paper reports.

President Nicolas Maduro blames food shortages on opposition protests that have blocked streets and highways and a broader ‘economic war’ led by adversaries with the help of Washington.

Daily Mail

A zoo, in the city of Maracaibo, reported last month that animals were being stolen from their pins by the locals.

Some species that went missing included tapirs, buffalo, peccaries (similar in appearance to boars), all taken in August alone.

The head of the Zulia Metropolitan Zoological Park said ten species had been affected by the thefts.

‘What we presume is that they (were taken) with the intention of eating them,’ Luis Morales, an official for the Zulia division of the National Police said.

America should deny the money sent by this president. Or take it and donate it to humanitarian aides try to help the starving people of Venezuela.

Texas takes care of their own, so should Venezuela.


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