‘SOCIETY’S LOTTERY WINNERS’: The Hypocrisy of Obama Simply Summed Up in this Epic Cartoon

gv051515dAPCScary that this man is our president.

Once again the Leftist-in-Chief has to demonize the wealthy because he wants to pretend he cares about the poor.

Of course, under the Obama Administration poverty has reached are 50 year record high but that little fact doesn’t matter when you lie for a living.

Obama made several ridiculous remarks during this interview but one of them was against the wealthy.

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Obama actually feigned concern about the poor rural and inner city kids who, to him, don’t have access to the books, computers etc. that the wealthy have access to.

Apparently Obama forgets he voted AGAINST school vouchers for poor inner city children to attend private schools in Washington D.C.

Essentially Obama is also saying that our public schools are pathetic. It certainly isn’t due to lack of funding.

Read more: thefederalistpapers.org


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