Somebody, PLEASE Muzzle Obama Before He Gets Us All Nuked

taped shutI’ve always been uncomfortable with the talk of going to war. It’s not that I believe that if you just hug everyone no one will fight anymore. I have just never understood the politics of it and I can’t have much of an opinion or argue about something if I don’t understand it.

It’s easily clear to me when something happens like when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. An obvious attack on us and we had to defend ourselves. When September 11 happened, this was another obvious attack on us and we absolutely needed to do something. Where it was confusing to me was do we attack another country or a group of people or what exactly? And where? I didn’t have a personal opinion either way because I just felt I didn’t know enough. I asked friends and trusted others their feelings and thought about their responses. It still didn’t clarify it for me. Nothing was cut and dried, black and white.

By now you know I don’t trust our government. While this particular administration is, in my opinion, the worst, I have never trusted government. I do believe that in matters of national security, not everything should be made public but I also think a lot of things are being hidden from us in the name of national security.

So I don’t profess to understand anything about decisions about going or not going to war, or anything else in that realm. At all. But since I have a background in parenting and early childhood education, I know the one thing you don’t do with your kids is make a threat you never intended to keep and/or not address a serious issue at the time it happens. The same theory works with enemies.

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So this Syria thing. Obama made his own “red line” that, if crossed, would receive swift reprisal. He made it clear that he believed he had the authority to act without the approval of congress. Ships and forces were sent to the region. We were told a strike could happen “at any moment.” Then suddenly Obama comes out and says well, heck, when everyone’s vacation is over, congress can decide. But don’t forget, by golly, he can still attack without them. And it could be anytime he wants so he doesn’t really have to do it now.

So daddy set a limit, but he didn’t really mean it. The kid knew it, pushed back to see what would happen, and watched daddy squirm. Now that kid is laughing at daddy and daddy has totally lost any control over the kid, if he ever had it in the first place. This is the same kind of behavior that has a kid finally sitting in jail later when the rest of the world got sick of dealing with their rotten behavior. That’s when daddy says, “I don’t understand what happened, where he went wrong. It must have been his mom, she spoiled him too much.” Of course, in this case it will be Bush’s fault and/or the Republicans. They wouldn’t let him do what he wanted to do (even though he said they couldn’t stop him, but he wants to be able to blame them if he doesn’t do the things he said he could do without them…)

We are now the laughing stock of the world. Obama made a phony threat to look good to someone, I’m not quite sure who, but didn’t think far enough ahead about where that could lead. That’s the typical politician model – solve a problem today only to create 100 more “unintended consequences” down the road (Obamacare, anyone?)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any wars, and I don’t want to get into a war just to make Obama look like he can actually make a real decision. But what I don’t want even more is some wimp-in-chief making my country look like a bunch of blow-hard cowards. Those of us who believe in our right to carry a gun believe that we are less likely to be seen as potential victims by bad guys. Now the bad guys of the world see us as victims, people they can easily harm. The world no longer respects us. Somebody, PLEASE muzzle Obama before he gets us all nuked.


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