Son Uses AR-15 to Protect Father’s Home from 3 Armed Thieves

Retired cop Dustin Rogers tackles the AR-15 debate in the most epic way possible. The recipient of a “Lifesaving Award” from the Arkansas State Police raised an argument against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Using last year’s case where an Oklahoma man defended his father’s home from 3 armed intruders with an AR-15, Rogers poked fun at Biden’s advice to “just use a shotgun.”

On social media, the former cop stated: “Good thing he didn’t use a double-barrel shotgun as Joe Biden recommended, or he would have been one round short do deal with the intruders… two short if he fired first in the air, as Joe Biden recommended.”


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Via Western Journal: In the incident, which received extensive media coverage, Zach Peters, then 23, fatally shot an 18-year-old man and two boys, aged 16 and 17, when the three broke into the home about noon on March 27, 2017.

One intruder was armed with a knife, another with brass knuckles. The getaway driver, who was charged with murder in connection with intruders’ deaths, told cops they targeted the Peters home specifically because the Peters were thought to have money.

The shootings were ruled justifiable, according to the Tulsa World.

This case, though it happened a year ago, is very relevant to today’s new gun-control movement to van AR-15s from the market after the Valentine’s Day shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Biden, back in 2013, made the argument women didn’t need these rifles to defend themselves, and to just use a shotgun.

He recommended a double-barreled shotgun, famously advising that a woman who feared for her life from an intruder lurking outside her home should fire a shotgun blindly outside, to scare the any criminals off.

What Biden advised was illegal in his home state of Delaware, according to a U.S. News report from the time. But it was also inane.

Here is Biden giving the illegal advise:

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