‘You Sound Like Osama Bin Laden’: Megyn Kelly Dishes it out with Bill Ayers

Editor’s Note: Bill Ayers, a despicable former domestic terrorist, has the audacity to claim that he has no remorse and wishes that they had done more damage. However, instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he continuously acts like neither he nor his wife actually hurt anyone.

Megyn Kelly took on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground, in an exclusive interview tonight on “The Kelly File.”

Ayers told Kelly that Weather Underground took credit for slightly more than 20 bombings in a period where there were more than 20,000 bombings in the U.S. in opposition to the Vietnam War.

Ayers denied involvement in the 1970 San Francisco bombing that killed a police officer and in the bombing of John Murtagh’s home.

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Of the Weather Underground’s actions, he said, “The idea that somehow this is the moral equivalent of 6,000 people a week being killed strikes me as nuts. We were destroying property, and in the course of discussion, some people thought we should go much further, but we didn’t.”

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