A Special Butt Kicking: Thug Tries to Rob Convenience Store and Instead Has his Backside Handed to Him By the Store Owner, a Special Forces Vet [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: There is nothing more beautiful to see than an innocent civilian fighting off an attacker. Watch this Special Forces vet kick some serious backside!

A would-be grocery store robber in Arizona has learned the hard way not to mess with an Army Special Forces veteran.

The violent encounter was captured on surveillance video at Maen Mdanat’s convenience store in Tucson in late April.

A camera trained on the entrance to Axis Food Mart captured the business owner toppling his much younger opponent to the ground with a couple of swift kicks and punches after the suspect attacked him inside the store.

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As the would-be robber continued to show resistance while lying prostrate on his back, Mdanat delivered a few more blows just to get his point across.

After the dust settled, Mdanat allowed his defeated foe to walk away. 

What the unwelcome guest could not have known when he entered Mdanat’s store at around 1.30am on April 26 with the intent to make a quick buck is that the middle-aged business owner had been trained in a U.S. Army Special Forces unit.

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