SPOT THIS FELINE: This Predator’s Amazing Ability to Hide will Have You Straining Your Eyes

In this photo, a snow leopard stalks a group of bharal blue sheep from an well camouflaged position. Scroll down to see it revealedYou would think a snow leopard would stick out like a soar thumb, but these animals ability to blend in is very impressive. Check it.

These are the amazing scenes where a wildlife photographer managed to capture images of an elusive snow leopard hunting bharal blue sheep in the Indian Himalayas.

Inger Vandyke, from Australia was on a 17-day trek in the mountains as part of the expedition to try and take photographs of snow leopards in the wild.

She went on the trip along with British expert Mark Beaman and a team of local guides to see if they could find the incredibly rare animals.

Ms Vandyke said: ‘Mark and I were out in the field for the duration of 17 days without a shower and in the same clothes that we started in. On one watch for leopards, one of our Ladakhi friends bought us a liter bottle of water to drink at 1pm. By 2:30 p.m., in the broad sunlight, that water had completely frozen over.

‘Snow leopards camouflage themselves so well in their landscape that they can turn their back on you and literally disappear into their landscape.

‘When I look back at my photographs I often wonder how many we might have walked past in the field and simply didn’t see them.’

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