Spotted: Police Dump Hazmat Clothing From NYC Ebola Scene Into Street Corner Garbage

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Ground zero for the ebola spread in NYC is pictured just above. You think officials would be taking the highest precautions to make sure this virus doesn’t spread, but no. They do this instead.

As a demonstration of how well-drilled New York City officials are in how to deal with Ebola, it left a lot to be desired.

Two New York City police officers who attended the Harlem apartment building of Dr Craig Spencer – the first confirmed Ebola case in the city – were observed afterward dumping their protective gear and caution tape in a garbage bin on the street.

While it was not immediately clear if the two officers had been inside Dr Spencer’s apartment, the episode had many people asking if the equipment should not have been disposed of in a biohazard bag – even if only as a precaution.

Jitters spread through New York on Thursday after it was revealed Dr Spencer spent seven days in the city after returning from Africa with the Ebola virus in his bloodstream.

On Tuesday, Dr Spencer described suffering from fatigue and exhaustion. He took the subway from his home in Harlem to popular tourist spot the High Line, a park created on a disused railway line in Chelsea.

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