SPREAD THE WORD: These Military Leaders Just Hammered Obama in Open Letter on Iran Deal

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What in the world is Barack Obama thinking? Why is he continuing to push the Iran deal to the American people and stronghold Congress by promising to dismiss it if they vote NO?

John Kerry and Obama made the worst deal imaginable with Iran, and they don’t want to admit they have made the mistake.

Now our military experts and leaders are chiming in, and it’s time for you to spread the word!

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One hundred ninety retired military generals and admirals have signed an open letter addressed to Congress condemning the proposed deal with Iran over their nuclear program. The letter is some of the most direct criticism to date from military professionals.

Here is the letter in its entirety, you can read the original here:

Dear Representatives Boehner and Pelosi and Senators McConnell and Reid:

As you know, on July 14, 2015, the United States and five other nations announced that a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been reached with Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. In our judgment as former senior military officers, the agreement will not have that effect. Removing sanctions on Iran and releasing billions of dollars to its regime over the next ten years is inimical to the security of Israel and the Middle East. There is no credibility within JCPOA’s inspection process or the ability to snap back sanctions once lifted, should Iran violate the agreement. In this and other respects, the JCPOA would threaten the national security and vital interests of the United States and, therefore, should be disapproved by the Congress.

The agreement as constructed does not “cut off every pathway” for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. To the contrary, it actually provides Iran with a legitimate path to doing that simply by abiding by the deal. JCPOA allows all the infrastructure the Iranians need for a nuclear bomb to be preserved and enhanced. Notably, Iran is allowed to: continue to enrich uranium; develop and test advanced centrifuges; and continue work on its Arak heavy-water plutonium reactor. Collectively, these concessions afford the Iranians, at worst, a ready breakout option and, at best, an incipient nuclear weapons capability a decade from now.

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