St. Louis County Police Officer: ‘I’ve killed a lot. And if I need to, I’ll kill a whole bunch more’

The above video got this police officer in major trouble. Suspended for the comments he made back in April of this year, Sgt. Maj. Dan Page is on indefinite unpaid leave. Check out the details of the pending investigation…

A St Louis County police officer working in Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting death has been suspended from duty after disturbing video emerged of him referring to black people as ‘little perverts’ and President Obama as an illegal immigrant.

Officer Dan Page, who was caught live on CNN News earlier this week pushing the network’s anchor Don Lemon and threatening to arrest him, made the hate-filled speech in April of this year during an Oath Keepers of St Louis/St Charles meeting.

His offensive remarks weren’t limited to black people – he also had vitriol to spew about Muslims, women who have abortions, gay people and people who suffer domestic violence.


The raving speech goes on for more than an hour as Page, brandishing a bible, enlightens his audience with his unique views.


Page is the second St Louis county police officer to have been relieved of his duties during the Ferguson protests.

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