St. Louis Shoot Out: 4 Homicides in 7 Hours

Terrible incident. It will be interesting to see if this was part of the Ferguson protests.

Four homicides in only about seven hours in the city of st. Louis have detectives busy this morning. According to police, there have been no arrests in any of the cases nor do they have any suspects. The violence started yesterday afternoon and carried into last night.

All of the violence happened in north city.

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It all started with a frightening situation just before 3pm Thursday afternoon at Adelaide and Hall Street. Three innocent bystanders were shot when two suspects got out of a Dodge Charger and started shooting with assault rifles as people sat in their cars. The suspects fired more than 50 shots.

Police say the two shooters who were wearing black ski masks were targeting a certain car but they hit all innocent bystanders in different cars. A man in his 50`s was shot in the chest and died at a hospital. Another person was hit in the shoulder and a third person was hit by flying glass.

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