STATE OF THE UNION: Multiple Jihadis Invited by Obama to Attend the Event

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.18.30 PMWe’ve got issues for the future of America.

The state of the Union? The state of the Union is deteriorating, The state of the Union is in tatters. The state of the Union is under siege by a powerful fifth column who has overthrown the Constitution and the moral law and order of this nation.

My advice to readers is – don’t watch the SOTU. Spare yourself (and your blood pressure) the lies, taqiya, kitman and propagandizing of the enemy in the White House. Instead throw a little party wherever you are, pop the champs and celebrate that this is mullah Obama’s LAST State of the Union con job. Instead, pray for our soldiers, reporters, and businessmen being held hostage in Iran tonight.

Obama’s guest tonight at this jihad summit is a ‘Syrian refugee.’ One wonders if he’ll bring up the New Year’s eve Syrian rapefugees or the  Syrian refugee that suicide-bombed an Istanbul market slaughtered 10 European tourists today.

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Also invited is the notorious hate group – the terror tied Council of American Islamic Relations.

And now this, Ahmed Shedeed, a Muslim Brotherhood terror operative stealthily working to destabilizing Egypt by installing the notorious terror leader Mohamed Morsi.

“Another Dubious State of the Union Guest,” IPT, January 12, 2015:

A New Jersey Muslim community leader attending tonight’s State of the Union Address with Sen. Cory Booker also serves as treasurer of a political group which strongly supports the Muslim Brotherhood and demands its return to power in Egypt, documents discovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show.

Ahmed Shedeed is president of the Islamic Center of Jersey City. In explaining his invitation, Booker said Shedeed “has spoken out for religious tolerance and mutual understanding” and shows “how the diversity of America makes us all better.”

Shedeed also serves on New Jersey’s Homeland Security Interfaith Advisory Council.

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