STEALING THE ELECTION: Tech Giant and Hillary CAUGHT in Bed Together

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.49.35 AMHillary may be the most corrupt person out there, but if you Google her, your views might be swayed. Check this out.

By Christian Datoc

Speaking at a European journalism summit on Tuesday, Julian Assange claimed that through several outlets, Google has been working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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“Google is heavily integrated with Washington power, at personal level and at business level,” he stated explaining that the search engine has been gathering an “increasing control over the distribution channels,” through which voters take in news about the election.

Assange also criticized Clinton’s foreign policy.

“What we have with Clinton is someone who is a hawk but who has the tools of legal interventionism, a rhetorical cover to start the wars, and someone who seemingly wants to start them.”

“From WikiLeaks’ perspective Hillary Clinton is a problem in terms of war and peace.”


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