Steven Seagal Accused of Sexual Assault

Faviola Dadis and Regina Simons are accusing Hollywood legend Steven Seagal of sexually assaulting them when they were just teenagers.

During a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday, the two women went into detail about the separate attacks.

Dadis said when she was 17yrs-old, working as a model and aspiring actress, Seagal sexually assaulted her in a Beverly Hills hotel room during an alleged “casting session”.

Back in 2002, Dadis claims Seagal grabbed her nipples and vagina while dressed in a bikini; reaching under her top to grab her. This all took place after the “audition” began, according to a report by the AP.

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She claims to have left the room immediately after, but has been haunted by the event to this day.

“I have suffered from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, have found it difficult to form trusting relationships with men,” said Dadis standing by her lawyer Lisa Bloom. Dadis lives in Amsterdam now and is a doctoral candidate in neuroscience.

Via Jezebel: Dadis was joined also by Regina Simons, who first went on the record about Seagal in January on Megyn Kelly Today, saying he raped her in his Beverly Hills mansion when she was 18. According to the New York Daily News, Seagal allegedly invited Simons to his house under the guise of throwing a wrap party for his 1994 film, On Deadly Ground. When she arrived, there was no one else to be found:

Simons broke down in tears as she described how Seagal allegedly took her by the hand, led her to an adjacent room and kissed her without warning as he took off her clothes.

“I was in shock. I was completely caught off-guard. Seagal was more than twice my size and more than twice my age. I was not sexually active and had never been naked in front of a man before. I froze,” she said Monday.

“I remember him taking off his robe and the next thing I knew, he was inside of me. I could not move. I felt as if I had left my body and was watching from above. I felt tears come down my face and looked away from his gaze. My eyes focused on a picture in a frame…it was (his wife at the time) Kelly LeBrock,” Simons said.

Seagal faces a litany of accusations from women, including Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies and Lisa Guerrero. Bloom said Monday that “all legal options remain open,” including the possibility of criminal charges.

Hopefully due process will occur and justice will be served in this case. However, should these women be lying, it would be a shame for our sex and women who have been truly sexually abused and/or raped.

Another question to ask is why did they wait so long to report such a crime?

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