STILL NAZIS? 1yr After Ban on Hitler’s Mein Kampf is Lifted it Becomes a Bestseller in Germany

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-9-59-15-amThis is slightly disturbing. Let’s hope that it’s because people want to read it for historical purposes. Even then, letting evil into your life is a tricky thing. What’s even scarier? A version of the book could soon be available in the US and UK.

A year after Germany allowed the reprinting of Adolf Hitler’s hate-filled autobiography Mein Kampf it remains a bestseller.

It has sold 85,000 copies and is now in its sixth print run at a time of rising xenophobia and mistrust of refugees in the country. Now a version in English is being considered for the UK and American markets.

‘The number of sales has overwhelmed us,’ said Andreas Wirsching, director of the Institute of Contemporary History which won the right from the state of Bavaria – holder of the copyright – to republish it.

Mein Kampf – My Struggle – is a turgid, rambling book filled with loathing of Jews and Slavs who Hitler hated from his earliest days as a down-and-out in Vienna.

When he came to power it was nigh-on compulsory for every household in the Third Reich to possess at least one copy. Royalties from it made Hitler rich and it outsold the Bible.

When Nazism imploded in 1945 all Hitler’s possessions – including the copyright to the book – passed into the possession of the Bavarian state, the place where his party was founded.

Authorities beat off numerous attempts to publish it down the years, afraid it would become a touchstone of faith for neo-Nazis. But when its 70-year copyright expired the state agreed to an annotated versuion being printed by the history institute.

The new version has copious notes explaining Hitler’s paranoid racism to deter readers from ever believing his twisted gospel.


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