PEW PEW: Here are Some Epic Pocket Guns You Need on Your Christmas Wishlist

Pocket guns are by far the easiest guns to conceal, because they fit in your pocket! These handguns are some of the best in reputation for this category.

Ladies and gents, without further ado we present to you the guns…

Sig Sauer P238–The Sig Sauer P238 is a .380 pistol that operates on a single action platform. This means it has a hammer that has to be cocked–either manually (with your thumb) or by racking the slide. The P238 has an external thumb safety and holds six rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber, for a total of seven rounds. The P238 weighs 15.2 ounces, making it a great gun for women who plan to carry a gun in their purse or bag instead of on their person. The P238’s external saftey provides added protection against an accidental discharge.

Approximate price for Sig Sauer P238 is $680.

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Sig Sauer P238 (1)

Kimber Micro Carry–The Kimber Micro Carry is a concealed carry pistol chambered in .380.  It weighs in at 14.8 ounces and holds seven rounds of ammunition in the magazine and one in the chamber, for a total of eight. Like the Sig Sauer P238, the Micro Carry operates on a single action platform and has a hammer that must be cocked. The Micro Carry also has an external safety, like the P238. An important note on the Micro Carry–it shoots as if it were a much larger gun with a much longer barrel. The accuracy of this gun is incredible. The Micro Carry is a great gun for men and women, suitable for pocket carry in cargo shorts or pants, and certainly a great gun for purse carry.

Approximate price for a Kimber Micro Carry (the Two-Tone model was tested) — $650.


Smith & Wesson 638 Airweight–The Smith & Wesson 638 Airweight is a classic Smith & Wesson snub-nose revolver with two notable upgrades: 1. The gun’s hammer is concealed, to avoid snags when drawing it from a pocket or purse. 2. The weight of the gun is greatly reduced via the use of aluminum alloy. Because of the use of alloy the 638 Airweight only weighs 14.6 ounces. It holds five rounds of .38 Special +P ammunition. This a great gun for front pocket carry in cargo shorts and similar clothing, and the gun is well suited to being carried in a purse or bag. The gun is very simple to operate, which makes it a good choice if being purchased for a mother or grandmother who is not well-acquainted with firearms.

Approximate price for Smith & Wesson 638 Airweight is $480-$500.


Whether you plan on carrying one of these guns in a pocket or a purse, it would be wise to purchase a pocket holster to go with the gun. This does two things: 1. Covers the trigger to prevent unintentional discharges. 2. Keeps the gun clean and the barrel free of debris if the firearm spends considerable time in a purse or bag. As with all firearm purchases, be sure you are familiar with the laws of your state before buying and practice up once you acquire the weapon. Nothing will build confidence like knowing where the bullet will go, should you have to use the gun while under duress.


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