#StopWatchingUs: Join the ACLU in Their Fight Against Government Spying… Really

stop itWhile the ACLU may have a bad rap amongst conservatives, to borrow an old cliche, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this case, the enemy of the NSA is my friend. This Saturday, October 26th, the ACLU will be hosting a world wide protest against the US government’s spying. The protest will involve thousands of people gathering in Washington DC to protest the unprecedented breach of privacy by the US government, and will be hosted on the twelfth anniversary of the signing of the abhorred Patriot Act.

I encourage everyone reading this, who is unfortunate enough to be stewing in the putrid cesspool of DC, or anyone within close geographic proximity to the Capitol to attend this event to show our leaders that we will not stand for this invasion of our privacy.

If you can not attend, please tweet #StopWatchingUs to voice your disapproval over our government’s Orwellian practices.

In the last few months, our worst nightmares about government overreach have been confirmed. The buffer has been breached, all the lines have been crossed. If we do not do something to stop this now, it will never go away. Looking back at at US history, generally accepted policies and practices such as social security, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, and even the income tax were once considered outrageous breaches of freedom and were vehemently opposed.

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Sadly, those fights were lost, and now the voices of the dissenting have been forgotten in the mist of time. I beg you, do not let ubiquitous government spying become the norm. We all need to fight this now while we still can. I am reminded of the slogan of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, the ne cede malls, see contra audentior ito, or in english, do not give into evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.

This very well may be another fight that we lose to tyranny, but I’d rather be slaughtered in the trenches than stay comfortable in sultry complacence to evil. History won’t remember your hashtag, but you will always remember that you stood up and said a glorious and defiant NO to government tyranny.

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